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Shou  Sugimoto

Originally I was a student of art, however, I found myself attracted to woodworking.
Both have a common point in terms of manufacturing. So, I spend my days believing that with hard work, this will reflect my own feelings or personal taste.
My work seems to exhibit the shape of "box", so with a rectangular shape, I think of how to use an appropriate mechanism to fit that shape.

1990DBorn in Aichi Prefecture
2014DGraduated from Kanazawa College of Art  Completion of oil painting major
2016DGraduated from Nagano Prefecture Agematsu Woodwork Technical College
         Participated in Karakuri Creation Group@

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This work was designed for an exhibition with the theme, gWAh.
It was difficult, but I tried to express the theme from both the appearance and the trick.
I think there are slightly more moving parts than my previous work.

Created : 04/2019

Size(box body) :95~95~95 mm
Size(storage part) : 51~30~33 mm

Material :@walnut, maple, chanchin, magnolia

Top star

This work was designed as a Christmas present for 2018.
The star on the tree top is symbolic of the star in Bethlehem. This year as well, I was conscious of the Christmas motif I chose.
I think perhaps you could use it as an ornament after unfolding up the widget.

Created : 11/2018

Size(box body) :83~78~44 mm
Size(storage part) : 69~66~18 mm

Material :@walnut, keyaki (zelkova), maple, magnolia

Ashio box - GT

This work was designed for Karakuri Puzzle Party in Hakone 2018.
I added some tricks to realize the concept I had in mind.
Because of that I struggled with many things in the production
I had to think about how to do this work or redo this work often.

Created : 09/2018

Size(box body) : 64~99~82 mm
Size(storage part) : 39~74~12 mm

Material :@maple, walnut, magnolia

The somersault

inlaied part

This work was designed for an exhibition that theme is gTravelh.
I expressed the theme journey, through the movement rather than by the shape.
Actually, I do not like traveling or going out much. I usually end up returning home soon after the departure. I designed this work with that in mind.
Dragonflies are inlaid.

Created : 03/2018

Size(box body) : 119~78~59 mm
Size(storage part) : 82~51~28 mm

Material :@katsura, magnolia, maple

Present for you

This work was designed as a Christmas present for 2017.
This is the first time I have made a Christmas gift.
Therefore, I tried my best to make it look like an actual gift.
The mechanism as well has the feel of a gift.
I think it is better if two people open this together.

Created : 10/2017

Size : 79~79~72 mm

Material :@maple, magnolia, chanchin, Japanese torreya

Ashio boxU

Itfs been exactly a year since I made Ashio Box I, so I thought about trying to make a work that has the same appearance yet opens differently. The mechanism structure is simpler than T, but it is a bit difficult to open.

Created : 08/2017

Size : 76~76~76 mm

Material :@maple, chanchin, magnolia

The tower

This work was designed for an exhibition that theme is gStoryh.

This was the first product I made with a theme in mind, and there are several things that I donft feel confident about, but I think I was
able to express the story of it well.
There is one storage space.

Created : 04/2017

Size : 84~84~119 mm

Material :@keyaki (zelkova), magnolia, shina veneer

Ashio Box

This is a remade version of SS-1.
I thought that the surface of SS-1 was too simple, so I added a pattern.
Therefore, the box is a little bigger.


Created : 01/2017

Size : 81~81~81 mm

Material :@walnut, maple, magnolia, cherry

Ashio Box



This is my first Karakuri work.
I thought a lot for doing my best now, and found the idea that stacking boxes finally.
I hope that everyone enjoy to play with this box.

Created : 09/2016

Size : 76~76~76 mm

Material :@walnut, maple

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