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There is "Karakuri Kaku Box" (KB-5) which recorded works until 2007.
This book that integrated and re-edited the works from 2008 to 2017.
About 700 works from 1999 to 2017 are included.

editor: Karakuri Creation Group

publication: 02/2018

specification: A4, All color, 200 pages

A Collection of Works
by Yoshiyuki Ninomiya

His unique and elegant works attracted fans all over the world. He inherited the skill of Secret Box that is the origin of our Karakuri box. He has made various works such as Secret Box, Karakuri Box, Yosegi, Furnishing Work, and Interlocking Puzzle. He created many works, and as many of them as possible are printed in the book. The photos of all 10 solo exhibitions are printed. In the special interview, he talked about his 70 years of work, and about the skill and the background of his elegant Secret Box. We approached the history of Secret Box from a craftsmanfs point of view.

editor: Karakuri Creation Group

publication: 05/2017

specification: A4, All color, 60 pages



Hakone Karakuri Museum@


KB-6 This book was made only for Hakone Karakuri Museum.

There are the interview with the director of the Museum, interview with Akio Kamei, and lectures of some works.

You can not buy this at here, sorry. You can buy this only at Hakone Karakuri Museum.

Publication: 01/2014

Editor: Karakuri Creation Group

Specification : A5, All color, 18 pages

Price: JPY 300

Evolving Karakuri Box

KB-5 About 300 Karakuri Works are collected in this booklet. The works in this booklet were created between 1971 to 2007 year. They are works designed by craftsmen of Karakuri Creation Group. Kamei's works before the start of the group and Ninomiya's works (several) before the start of the group, are also included.

editor: Karakuri Creation Group

publication: September, 2008

specification: A4, all color, 80 pages

Early Japanese Export Puzzles (Japanese)

KB-4 This booklet is about the history of the many puzzles exported from Japan to the United States etc. from the 1860s to the 1960s (representative of "Karakuri" such as a gift box, set tree, secret box etc.) and the translation of related documents.
Detailed research was based on Mr. Jerry Slocum's extensive collection and old literature, in addition to many other interesting sources. There are plenty of pictures to enjoy, however, the text is written only in Japanese.

Original: Early Japanese Export Puzzles 1860s to 1960s
Written: Jerry Slocum and Rik van Grol
Translation: Karakuri Creation Group
Cooperator of Translation: Naoaki Takashima
Publication: May 1st, 2005
A4 size, all color, 26 page (28 page including the covers)
Printed and Filed by Karakuri Creation Group

KARAKURI Works in Hakone & Odawara

KB-3 Various KARAKURI Works have been made in Hakone & Odawara region for long years. We investigated, studied and introduced them in this book. Over 400 works appears in this book. For example, Secret Boxes, Interlocking Boxes, various Tabacco Trick, and others. The history and the background are also introduced. We think it's a first overall handbook about KARAKURI Works in this region.

Publication: July 1st, 2003

General editor: Sojun Iwasaki

Editor: Karakuri Creation Group

Specification : A4, All color, 50 pages

We are the Karakuri Creation Group !

KB-2 This is a self-introduction book of our group. New works or representative works by each craftsman and activities of our group are introduced. And for example, Karakuri Game of Life with Karakuri Doors (Gates), Creative Secret Boxes, and others are introduced. Around 100 works appears in this book.

Publication: July 1st, 2003

Editor: Karakuri Creation Group

Specification : A4, All color, 24 pages

Okiyama's Art Works


This is the book of works which Okiyama created for more than 50 years. So you can find the history of Himitubako in Hakone in it. This will be the textbook of Himitubako in future. Of course all Japanese compositions are translated into English.

editor : Karakuri Creation Group

published : March 2003

size : 210 X 298 mm  32pages

Karakuri Catalog


More than 100 kinds of Karakuri boxes

which are created by Kamei (with an English booklet)

published date : June 1993

size : 240x250 mm

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