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Yoshiyuki Ninomiya

I started my woodwork when I was 16 years old. Ever since, I have worked earnestly for over 70 years. In 1981, I held my first private exhibition. After that, I started holding some private exhibitions. Through them, I've made many friends. Creating friendships through enjoying woodwork has been my greatest treasure.

1929.Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
1947.Graduated from Wood crafters training center
After that, studied under father Ginosuke
1972.Hakone Craft Studio established
1983.Open the Shop ”Kiraku”
1999.Participated in Karakuri Creation Group

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Ninomiya's 7 Step Secret Box
(with a paulownia box)

N-31 This work was designed as a Christmas present for 2014.

This is a seven move Secret Box. The feature is that both sides of the box move in a process to solve the box. There is no short cut when you close this box. It is said that this is a mechanism which descended from Takajiro Ohkawa, who is thought to be the founder of the Secret Box.

Created : 01/2012

Size : 136×87×61 o

Material : katsura, ancient katsura, mizuki (dogwood), rengus, etc.

Burr puzzle (with Yosegi ball inside)


If these 4 pillars are assembled incorrectly, the structure will not hold.
A marquetry ball is inside.
Inside this simple device it becomes a free mount.

This work was designed for the exhibition "Heartbeat".

Created : 05/2013

Size : Burr 116×116×116 o
        Box 140×140×142 o
Material : walnut, senn(castor aralia), yosegi


Ninomiya's 7 Step Secret Box

N-29 This work was designed as a Christmas present for 2012.

This is a seven move Secret Box. The feature is that both sides of the box move in a process to solve the box. As for most Secret boxes that are sold in Hakone and other areas, only one side moves. More work is needed to make Secret Boxes where both sides move. In any case, the puzzle becomes more interesting. This box was made beautifully with Yosegi checkered patterns.

Created : 01/2012

Size : 79×111×57 o

Material : katsura, etc.

Love letter

N-16-2 It is a remake of N-16 made for the exhibitions that featured the theme of "Valentine" in Matsuya Ginza in 2006. I’ve remade the appearance so that it is now simple. However, 1 step of the device has increased. It has became a responsive work.

Created : 01/2012

Size : 170×125×48 o

Material : Northern white cedar, chanchin, magnolia

Irregular open 4 times secret box


This work was designed as a Christmas present for 2010.

This secret box is Irregular and opens in 4 turns. This is an irregular open type secret box.

There are 5 different kinds of checked Yosegi patterns.It is a distinctive characteristic of this work.

Created : 11/2010

Size : 91×117×60 o

Material : magnoria, katsura, ilex, walnut, rengas, nigaki, camphor tree

Sponge Cake?


The image in this work came from the wood’s color.
The brown of chanchin and the yellow of laqure trees are very beautiful.
I used Yosegi plate in the dish.
This work has a beautiful appearance and puzzle-like element.

Created : 04/2010

Size : 154×133×67 mm

Material : chanchin, laquer tree, Yosegi, etc.

Packing Box (mini) V

This work was designed as a Christmas present for 2009.
This is part of the series of "Packing Box". The last work was a square shape but this work is a rectanglar shape. It's easy to open, but watch out for the two 'dummies'. Are they the craftsman's joke??

Created : 12/2009

Size : 99×78×70 mm

Material : magnolia, amur corktree

Packing Box (mini) U

N-25 This work was designed as a Christmas present for 2008.
This is a new version of packing box series. "V" ditch was made on the face.
It camouflages the trick. In this packing box, I had to make 3 straps, though this is a small work.
The craftsman Ninomiya said, "When I made it, I had to make many copies, and Karakuri Creation Group's craftsmen helped me. Especially, Yoh Kakuda and Hideaki Kawashima. I feel thankful for them".

Created : 01/2008

Size : 80×80×80 mm

Material : magnolia, amur corktree

Hakone mountain palanquin burr


This is a simple interlocking puzzle. The motif is a mountain palanquin that was used in Hakone long ago.

Created : 10/2008

Size : 70 x 150 x 70 mm

Material : walnut, magnolia

Irregular type 5 move Secret Box


This is an irregular type 5 move Secret Box.

Created : 03/2008

Size : 90 x 120 x 50 mm

Material : katsura, etc.

Desk Diary


The motief of this work is a desk diary. This work isn't daily necessity.
There are two storage spaces inside.

Created : 05/2008

Size : 85 x 200 x 150 mm

Material : amur corktree, etc.

Covered Type Secret Box

N-21 It was created as a Christmas Present for 2007. Traditional skills of the Secret Box are applied and the device is hidden well. Even after you open the box, the device is almost hidden. Can you imagine how to open the box from the title?

Created : 11/2007

Size : 66 x 69 x 67 mm

Material : katsura, walnut, etc.

Karakuri for glasses

N-20 The first small drawer easily opens, but where is another storage space? The Yosegi (inlay) is beautiful and was made by the craftsman. Can you find the location of the device? It was produced as a stand for glasses.

Created : 04/2007

Size : 115 x 200 x 120 mm

Material : amur corktree, walnut

Trick Box with a Top

N-19 It was created as an Xmas Present for 2006. There is a top inside. The top is used for the trick. This work was designed while watching a top. The craftsmen needed to make so many copies. He worked hard to make it by Christmas. The tops were produced by Kazuyuki Tanaka.

Created : 06/2006

Size : 83 x 74 x 63 mm

Material : walnut, magnolia, hinoki, red camphor tree, etc.

Ninomiya's Slide 3


In the first step it looks like a Secret Box.
But, it isn't a Secret Box.
It's a drawer that opens by 3 steps.

Created : 06/2006

Size : 117 x 100 x 55 mm

Material : magnolia, walnut, others

Ninomiya's 5 Sun 12 Step


This is a 12 Step Secret Box.
It's a one of his Secret Box Series.

Created : 06/2006

Size : 150 x 100 x 60 mm

Material : katsura, magnolia, others

Love Letter


A love letter for your sweetheart, or perhaps a love letter from someone you deeply admire. Do you remember that nervous feeling when you sent a love letter to your love, or when you received a love letter and your heart beat so fast as you slowly opened it up? Perhaps you are experiencing that situation now. The craftsman who made this box tried to convey those exact feelings of excitment into the Karakuri box. The device isn't difficult, but you must decide how you will open this love letter that is sealed with a heart. “When you open this Love Letter your heart will be moved....”

Created : 01/2006

Size : 170 x 125 x 48 mm

Material : Hinoki, Chanchin, Magnolia

Packing Box (mini)

N-15 It was created as an Xmas Present of 2005. In the past, 3 kinds of bigger "Packing Box" were made by the craftsman. The new one is the fourth work. The size is small. Groove of "V" was made on surface of the work, and it hides the devise. The surface material is called "Kihada". The appearance is elegant with the wood and the design, though the motif is a packing box. The way to open is interesting. There is also a dummy device.

created : 11/2005

size : 75 x 75 x 75 mm

material : magnolia, amur corktree

Push Up (4 step) U

N-14 A movement "Push Up" is used. The relation of a movement like a drawer and the movement "Push Up" is interesting.

produced : 07/2003

size : 130 x 100 x 60 mm

material : walnut, magnolia, etc.

Ninomiya's 4.5 Sun 10 Step

N-13 It's a Secret Box with 10 steps. To say about almost of standard Secret Box, there is a small gap around a mechanism "Kannuki." Because the Yosegi is cut together. Therefore, it's easy to find the mechanism. But, this work was produced in special way. Then there isn't a gap.

produced : 07/2003

size : 135 x 90 x 60 mm

material : magnolia, katura, etc.

Ninomiya's 4 Sun 4 Step

N-12 It's a Secret Box with 4 steps. The long side plates cover on the small side plates.

produced : 07/2003

size : 120 x 90 x 55 mm

material : walnut, magnolia, red camphor tree, etc.

Original Ohkawa Type Secret Box A (replica)

N-11 It's a remake of another Ohkawa Type Secret Box produced by Takagoro Ohkawa himself who is recognized as an originator of the Secret Box. It's different from N-10. You can slide the side plate and can open the lid. It's a simple 2 step Secret Box. How to use the wood is also different from present ones. The yellow color of mulberry wood changes to dark color with passing time.

produced : 07/2003

size : 170 x 105 x 60 mm

size of the paulownia box : 190 x 125 x 80 mm

material : mulberry, camphor

ookawa.jpg (7018 バイト)

Original Ohkawa Style Secret Box (remake)

N-10 It is said that Secret Box was invented by Takajiro Ohkawa in around 1894.
Then it was developed and improved.
This is the remake of the original Ohkawa style Secret Box.
It opens with 2 moves.
You can enjoy the characteristic mechanism.

created : 08/2002

size : 210 X 145 X 62 mm

material : walnut, kusu, etc.

nibako3.jpg (9487 バイト)

Packing Box 3

N-2-3 It's the third work of Packing Box series.
It has a different mechanism.

created : 10/2002

size : 154 X 154 X 158 mm

material : magnolia, kihada

push-up7.jpg (3558 バイト)

Pushing Up Secret Box (6 ways)

N-9 It's a developed one of "Pushing Up Secret Box (4 ways)".

created : 08/2001

size : 120x90x70mm

material : walnut, etc.

cube-kiraku.jpg (3640 バイト)

Cube puzzle KIRAKU

N-5-2 This was designed basically by Nob. Yoshigahara

and made by Ninomiya in 1998.

You can take this 4x4x4 cube apart into 8 pieces.

The structure is different from "Double-L".

size : 120x120x120 mm

material : oak, walnut, etc.

w-secret.jpg (3016 バイト)

Double Secret

N-8 There is a secret box in the secret box.

created : 10/2001

size : 136x102x80 mm

material : senn, arumasia, magnolia

goju2.gif (110710 バイト)     goju-p.gif (2780717 バイト)

Five -storied Pagoda

N-1 Japanese architecture of temples and shrines are said to be the origin of Kumiki (interlocking Puzzle).

I designed N-1 as a Kumiki.

It's composed of 106 parts.

The material used is cherry, and over time the color will darken.

Through the years, as the color changes you will be able to feel a more imposing atmosphere that is suitable for the five-storied pagoda.

nibako.gif (72714 バイト)

Packing Box

N-2 This product has Yosegi on a traditional secret box.

It has 2 intentions.

One is to decorate and another is to hide the mechanism.

Here, the design of Packing Box realized these 2 roles.

Though the surface plate moves, you will get lost in the design.

The plate with some screws looks fixed indeed, but... there is also a draw inside!

nibako2.jpg (65159 バイト)

Packing Box 2

N-2-2 The second version of the packing box. It has another mechanism and movement.

created : 03/2002

size : 155x155x145 mm

material : magnolia, Kihada


denshou.gif (92991 バイト) denshou-p.gif (63516 バイト)

Traditional Secret Box and the side

N-3 You can easily find a small mechanism on the side plate on an usual secret box.

So, it's easy to understand that that's the solution to the puzzle.

But it must be very difficult to find the mechanism.

If we use the wood well, we can hide the mechanism completely.

godan.gif (78145 バイト)

Five Drawer Chest

N-4 The second and the forth drawers are unlocked.

The first, the third and the fifth drawers are locked.

The hint is in the base of the chest.

doublel.gif (109217 バイト)


N-5 This was designed basically by Nob. Yoshigahara

and made by Ninomiya in 1998.

You can take this 4x4x4 cube apart into 8 pieces.

Each piece is made of two blocks which are shaped like an "L".

sanndann.jpg (4319 バイト) N-7 You can't open the bottom drawer.

oshiage3.gif (102850 バイト)

Pushing Up Secret Box

N-6 You can open this box by pushing up as it's name suggests.

In box 1 you can find the same movements

as the common secret box.

But in box 2 the movements become a shrewd trick.

size : 77x62x55 mm

material : magnolia

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