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★ April  2015    Reopened after the being remodeled! ★


New items!
These works are sold in Hakone Karakuri Museum only.
Karakuri Door Hakone FUJI Yosegi URASHIMA BOX

Hakone Karakuri Museum
Special Book

This book was made specifically for Hakone Karakuri Museum.
Inside you’ll find interviews with the director of the Museum and Akio Kamei, and transcripts of lectures of some works.
This is a museum -limited product.

Sometime you can meet Karakuri craftsmen at the museum.
If you can meet them, you are lucky!


Opening Ceremony
 14th Sep. 2013

Opening Ceremony of Hakone Karakuri Museum was held on 14th Sep. 2013.

There were many guests and participants.