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The director of the museum
Terufumi Maruyama

In this museum, around 100 works are displayed.
Those works are made by "Karakuri Creation Group" which is a craftsmen's group creating new Karakuri works.
Many precious works can only be seen at this museum, such as, Karakuri furniture, electric Secret Box, Play corner, and shop space.
The displays will be rotated and new works introduced a few times a year so you will be able to enjoy something new each time you visit.
We hope you enjoy all this museum has to offer.

 The president of
Karakuri Creation Group
Akio Kamei
The Karakuri Creation Group was started in 1999.
Since then, we have been making many new works. In the beginning, there was no permanent exhibit space to show everyone our work.
Now, "Hakone Karakuri Museum" is opened, and it is now possible to show you a part of our hard work.
Unfortunately, we can not show all our works in this museum.
But we are confident that we can show you will spark your interest in wanting to see more Karakuri works.
Thank you.