About "Karakuri Box Idea Contest"

This contest was held for the first time in 2009.
The theme of this contest is "Karakuri Box".
There were many contest applications from all over Japan.
A few ideas are selected every year.
The craftsmen who are members of the Karakuri Creation Group made the products
that were on display while summer vacation, and guests who visited the exhibition
were the ones who cast their vote for the final prize champions.

The 11th Idea Contest Winners Announced


The 11th annual (2019)WINNERS

W box

The motief if this Karakuri box is  "Retaining wall of masonry".
The stone part is made in two colors like a marquetry style and something will be emphasized after the mechanism parts moved.
Please be aware that there is a very sharp part.

Original idea by Yasuhumi Shimada

Hand-crafted by Hideaki Kawashima (Karakuri Creation Group)

created : 06/2019

size(Box body) : 141~84~77 mm

size(Strage space) : 126~58~24 mm

material : cherry, maple, walnut, magnolia

He can not get the ball!

The situation is that everyone has experienced that the ball in the gap can not be taken.
I expressed the feeling that it could be reached by the ball with "Karakuri".

Original idea by Masaki Ohnishi

Hand-crafted by Yoh Kakuda, Yasuaki Kikuchi  (Karakuri Creation Group)

created : 06/2019

size(Box body) : 170~140~100 mm

size(Strage space) : 86~42~58 mm

material : oak, cherry, e.t.c.


Trumpet fingering and Karakuri are combined in this item. In the proposal, there was only a trumpet. But a case was added to make a full-scale mechanism. Solve the Karakuri and open the drawer that is in the case. There are only 3 buttons that can be operated. The mechanics of the trumpet that can make all sounds with just those 3 buttons is amazing and is like a puzzle. There is no actual sound. But, try this item as you actually play trumpet on the scale.

Original idea by Togo Tsukamoto

Hand-crafted by Hiroshi Iwahara  (Karakuri Creation Group)

created : 06/2019

size(Box body) : 112~177~146 mm mm

size(Strage space) : 31~146~50 mm

material : walnut, keyaki(zelkova), maple, stainless steel plate and rod

Railroad crossing

Some of the mechanisms move automatically.
Because of that, the moving parts became quite complicated and detailed, and it was difficult to adjust the movement.

Original idea by Ichiro Sato

Hand-crafted by Akio Kamei, Shou Sugimoto  (Karakuri Creation Group)

created : 06/2019

size(Box body) : 200~100~152 mm

size(Strage space) : 163~58~18 mm

material : oak, magnolia, e.t.c.