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Karakuri Creation Group

While Hakone was prospering as a tourist resort with hot springs, many kinds of souvenirs were created. As a result, high techniques and ideas have been designed by many craftsmen who were independent each other. Especially wooden interlocking puzzles and traditional secret boxes which included a puzzle element, were supported by the public. There is no place in the world like Hakone as a puzzle-producing district.
Karakuri Creation Group is a group of craftsmen who are creating more interesting and high quality "Trick" things by developing these traditional techniques and historical property. We can create new products with your help. Please let us know your good suggestions.









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Hiroshi Iwahara


Hiroyuki Oka


Yoh Kakuda


Osamu Kasho


Akio Kamei


Hideaki Kawashima


Kanae Saito


Shiro Tajima


Kazuyuki Tanaka


Fumio Tsuburai


Kyoko Hoshino


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Yoshiyuki Ninomiya


Tatsuo Miyamoto


Kagen Schaefer
(a friend of KCG)

the late Yoshio Okiyama


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Odawra Hakone Association of Karakuri-Puzzle
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*We have begun Karakuri Club 2009 acceptance already.

*Karakuri Craft Museum Tanaka was closed.
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*A book was published in Nov. 2006.
Contemporary Japanese mechanical puzzles are shown.
Karakuri Small Box also appears. (Japanese only.)
"The Mechanical Puzzle 130"
ISBN 4-06-317164-7